39-GDE Value-Based Pricing & Packaging

Everything You Need to Set Up a SOLID, SUCCESSFUL Administrative Support Business

TOSS THOSE TIMESHEETS OUT THE WINDOW once and for all! LEARN how to price more simply and profitably using the VALUE-based pricing methodology.

How to Price and Package Your Support Based on Value and Expertise—NOT Selling Hours (GDE-39) Never watch the clock again and TOSS THOSE TIMESHEETS OUT once and for all! LEARN how to price more simply and profitably than billing by the hour. Do you feel like the economy is affecting how much clients are willing to pay these days? Do you often have to deal with price shoppers? Are prospective clients scared off once you tell them your hourly rate? The question on everyone’s mind is how to price competitively, yet profitably. You want to attract clients, but you also want to honor yourself and all the skill, expertise and value you bring to the table. You can’t be in business to work for free after all! The old hourly billing model just doesn’t work. In this guide, I’m going to teach you a pricing methodology that will make your service absolutely affordable for just about any budget and infinitely more scalable and attractive to clients. And none of this involves discounting, bargaining or reducing your rates whatsoever. It’s called Value-Based Pricing and it will revolutionize your business! You’ll never have to track and report your time for clients again. (Who wouldn’t jump at that chance alone?!) I’m also going to introduce you to my Administrative Consultant Business Model and show you how to define and frame your support in innovative ways that stand apart from the crowd. My model gives you much more freedom and flexibility in pricing and creating scalable support packages without discounting your fees or otherwise bargaining with your value. I’m going to introduce you to some mindshifts and aha moments that are unlike anything you’ve learned from anyone else in our industry. And you’re going to get all the tools you need to start using value-based pricing in your business right away.

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