41-GDE Power Productivity & Biz Management

Everything you need to set up a SOLID, SUCCESSFUL Administrative Support Business!

Power Productivity & Biz Management: The 14 Simple Systems that Will Breathe Freedom, Flexibility and LIFE Back into Your Business and Client Relationships (GDE-41)

Power Productivity & Biz Management: The 14 Simple Systems that Will Breathe Freedom, Flexibility and LIFE Back into Your Business and Client Relationships (GDE-41)

Learn how to transform your operations to create a 3-day work week so you can start enjoying life again and have a happier, more well-earning business that serve clients better than ever before!

This guide gives you my unique, effortless systems for taking fantastic care of clients AND having a flexible, freedom-filled lifestyle. (Isn’t that one of the reasons you went into business in the first place?).

Yes, you CAN have it all—including a 3-day work week!— and I’m going to show you how. Yes, you read that right and it's not hype. This guide isn't about how to cram more work into your already busy life and business. Rather, it's how to manage your work and clients so that you have more time for your life by creating space around the work. In this training guide, I'm going to show you the simple policies, procedures, systems and standards I instituted in my own business that have allowed me to travel, live abroad and work a three-day work while running my business AND taking far better care of clients than I ever did without them.. We're going to cover::

managing client expectations;
creating more space around the work

So that...

you can have more freedom, flexibility and time for your life;
provide more value and better results;
have the infrastructure in place to take better, more consistent care of your clients and never miss a deadline again;
and make more moolah doing it all!

Any of this sound familiar?

Are you working long hours like a maniac as fast and hard as you can, spreading yourself too thin, not earning enough, and missing out on your life?

Do you need to earn more in your business, but you’re already busting at capacity and couldn’t take on more clients if you wanted to?

Are you scrambling to juggle everything on your plate and it’s burning you out?

Are you working with clients in ways the prevent you from earning better and growing your business?

Is your practice not near to being full, but at the rate things are going, you couldn’t possibly take on any more clients?

Are you so crowded in the work you barely have time or space to breathe or think, much less work on developing, improving and growing your business?

Do you love your business and your clients, but wish there was a way to have more time for your life?

So, what’s the problem?

Just about every other day, I hear from some poor soul, literally in tears, who is at her wits end in her business and desperately seeking my help. The common theme I hear from these folks is “I just can’t take it anymore!”

They’re not earning enough money. They’re chained to their computer day in and day out, working practically ’round the clock as hard and fast as they possibly can. Every day is a scramble to put out fires and jump the second a client barks at them. They’ve hit a wall and there’s just nowhere for them to go but down.

And life? Forget that. They have no life anymore.

We’re all grateful to be in business working for ourselves, and we love our work and our clients. But at some point did the work start taking over your life?
How did it get like this?

A large part of the reason it’s gotten this way for them is because they drank the koolaid. Certain factions in our industry have served them up a big ol’ dish of BS and trained them to work like substitute employees to their clients.

They call it “business,” but it’s absolutely not. All they’ve done is trade their brick and mortar job for a virtual one. That’s not a new paradigm whatsoever. It’s just a another name for the same ol’ thing: J-O-B and E-M-P-L-O-Y-E-E. Operating like that will never get you the life and business of your dreams.
More clients and business are lost, not from any lack of skills, competence or burning desire to help, but from a lack of systems and ineffective management practices.

And that’s because doing the work and having the know-how to manage the business and work are two entirely different skillsets. If you don’t have a system that allows you to consistently and reliably support ALL your clients, equally and sustainably for the long-term, you’re going to run into problems once you have more than one or two clients. And naturally, one or two clients does make for a well-earning, self-sustaining, profitable business.
How smartly you manage the business and work is going to directly impact your ability to earn well.

Taking on more clients and work isn’t the answer to earning better, particularly if you are already struggling to juggle and manage your business as it is. And you think you're working like mad now? You’ll have even LESS time and more craziness if you think turning into an admin mill and farming the work out to others is the solution.

One of the places where people fail to plan is how much space they’re going to need around the work. Initially, it’s hard for them to even believe they are finally in business. They’re just so excited to be working for themselves and focused on getting that first client, they don’t think ahead and plan for the time when they have more than one or two clients.

Once they start to get busy, they end up finding themselves scrambling every day to keep up and get work done, and eventually hit a wall of burnout. And let me tell you, killing yourself every day, having a business that is nothing more than a job, and never having time for your life is not helping anyone.
There is a way out (and I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do it—simply, quickly and easily)!

The trick is to imagine your business as if it were full right from the get go, and to devise your systems, policies and protocols around that scenario. Utilizing effective, productive practices right from the beginning allows you to set proper expectations in clients right from the beginning, while also giving you room to move around in your business and the work.

There IS a way to work with clients as a valuable, strategic support partner, NOT as a substitute employee they don’t pay taxes on.

And the crazy, counter-intuitive thing is, with my freedom-creating system for managing business and the workload, in the process of getting your life back, you’ll actually end up taking WAY BETTER care of your clients!

I want you to have your LIFE back! Isn’t that why you went into business in the first place? Nothing would make me happier than if you would allow me to show you:

How you CAN work with clients completely differently and stop being so crowded in the work each and every day;
How to have a flexible and freedom-filled lifestyle AND a business that serves clients better than before (because you are not truly serving anyone with your back to the wall each and every day)!

If you are DONE being tired, overwhelmed and frustrated trying to keep up in your business, let me show you the systems that will FREE you from your shackles.

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