42-GDE Get Paid to Market with Info Products

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Get Paid to Market Your Business with Info Products & Multi-Layered Revenue Streams (GDE-42)

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Get Paid to Market Your Business with Info Products & Multi-Layered Revenue Streams (GDE-42)

Let's face it, marketing is hard!

No matter how much we focus and simplify and automate, it's still difficult to find time, be consistent and know what to say.


What if you could market in a way that SHOWED potential clients how awesome you are (instead of telling them), and GOT PAID for it at the same time?

Yeah, I know... you'd kill to do that.

Luckily, you don't have to go to that extreme.
You can actually get paid to market your business by creating passive income products that demonstrate your value, provide a way for potential clients to "sample" your services, and generate entire additional streams of revenue while you're at it!

No more auditioning.
No more chasing after carrots, hoping for real business to happen.
Set a more respectful tone for the relationship where you are valued as a professional, not a trained monkey.
Have clients come to you as an expert and authority in administration.
Be viewed as a trusted advisor, not a cost to be managed.
Make. More. Moolah.

Want off the hamster wheel of poor earning and constantly having to chase down your next meal?

Perry Marshall wrote a blog post that could have been written exclusively for our industry. He was talking about a fellow who suffered from "a weakness that almost every person who is WORTHY of getting somebody's money" has:
“He loves what he does so much, and he loves helping people so much, he forgets to get PAID.”

What ended up happening with this fellow is that he would allow just help me with this little side project clients to get him on a $0 or $2,000 distraction that kept him from picking up a $50,000 check.

This is EXACTLY what I'm always talking about in our industry. Far too many people get caught up frittering away all their time and energy on nickel and dime project work because clients want to "sample" their services and make them audition.

But how long is that $50 or $100 or even $500 going to last you? It might buy dinner that week, but it does nothing to create long-term, ongoing, sustainable cashflow.

It's gone and you're right back on the hamster wheel having to chase down your next meal, before you're even done with the work in front of you. It is a completely exhausting existence!

I totally understand why this happens, though.It's tough building a business that earns you the kind of income you can actually live on. When you're new, you don't know what works and what will just keep you stuck where you are earning poorly.

You think, if only you are accommodating enough, if you bend over backwards to jump through every hoop a prospect tells you to, surely, eventually, they will commit to your retained monthly services.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. It rarely ever happens like that. All you're doing is showing them they DON'T have to commit to anything. That like a trained monkey, you'll keep straining for that carrot on a stick they keep dangling beyond your reach.

This is also a terrible precedent in your business because you've allowed them to set a tone of disrespect for the relationship and a devaluing of you as a professional, which never ends well. We've got an entire industry of working poor because of this dynamic!

Wouldn't you rather be off that hamster wheel and earning bigger bucks? What if you could provide "samples" to prospects in a more professional, less demeaning way, that will command their respect, give them the demonstrable "proof" of your skill, competence and expertise they are seeking? And what if you could do it in a way that creates multi-layered revenue streams and PAYS you to market your business without having your personal time and attention expended cheaply or freely?

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